Germans in Switzerland: Extended english version ;-)

Well, some of my visitors read about „Deutsche in der Schweiz“ a couple of days ago. As most information concerning this topic will be in german naturally, I am lucky to have found this for my foreign visitors 🙂
I read about it on the networking platform „Xing“ I mentioned before. Here is a short excerpt from what Alan Hodgkinson wrote about living in Switzerland:

You know you’ve been in (German speaking) Switzerland too long when: think it’s economically wasteful to have more than one brand of
    a product in a store. think sponteniaty is OK, as long as it’s planned. think getting up early is good. actually get interested in the local elections. know the words to the Swiss national anthem. expect the shop clerk to say goodbye after you purchase something.’re prepared to pay for a local dentist.’re not upset when a public holiday falls on a Sunday.

Read the whole story here!

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