Canon unveils EOS 1D Mark III

Canon EOS 1D Mark 3

Today, Canon announced the EOS 1D Mark III, successor to their most popular pro model, the Mark II. The key features are (get the complete specifications here):

    – New 10.1 MP CMOS sensor (APS-H size, that means still 1.3 crop)
    – 10 frames per second and up to 110 jpgs in a row
    – Dual DIGIC III processor (with 14bit conversion)
    – ISO 100-3200 (plus 50 and 6400)
    – 19 crosstype and 26 assisting AF points
    – shutter for up to 300.000 cycles, improved water/dust sealant
    – 3″ monitor with live-view
    – New lighter power system (Lithium-Ion, 2.200 exposures/charge)
    – USB 2.0 compatibility (Firewire remains)

Rumours say it will be available in April at a price of about 4.000 US$. There’s a lot of information on Canons website already (if you can reach it) and I guess we’ll be able to read even more within the next days. This kind of news will spread fast. And who knows, probably PMA brings even more interesting models to light, such as a 1Ds Mark III or a 5D Mark II? We’ll see.

UPDATE: As states, there will also be an update to the EF 2.8 16-35mm lens, the Speedlite 580 EX and the wireless file transmitter.
UPDATE2: ORF says, the EOS sports 1GB of internal memory (DDR-SDRAM) and a sensor cleaning system.
UPDATE3: A long article on the new camera can be found on (it´s written in german, though)

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