Automatic Image Optimization – Reloaded

Recently I read an article on automatic image enhancement in the german magazine „Macwelt“. It´s a review of Agfa´s „Intellitune“ software. They seem to be impressed by this application and rate it 1.5 (where 1 is best and 6 is worst). Now the good news about this damn piece of code is, Agfa is giving it away almost for free: The „starter edition“ is priced 4500€. At this extremely low rate, I´m sure you are willing to accept the fact that they limit the software to a maximum of 4000 pictures. If you´d like to optimize another 4000 pictures you´ll have to pay an additional 2500€ fee 😮 This brought me to the idea of having an automatic, batch-processing-capable image optimization tool for free. Lucky who has a copy of Photoshop installed. Now you can download my auto-enhancement action script which should run with PS CS2 (use rightclick/save target as…). It´s free & it should keep being free, so don´t try to re-sell it! Use it, change it, give it to friends, I don´t mind. It´s just a rough construct balancing the web-aware sRGB with printable whitepoint/blackpoint-compensations. You can use Photoshops batch-processor or scriptings or even make a droplet out of my action. And as always, if you have good advice to refine this action-based enhancer, please leave a comment.

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Über Till Erdmenger – Businessfotos

Till Erdmenger ist seit 1996 als Profifotograf tätig. Sein Schwerpunkt liegt im Bereich Businessfotos – unter anderem für Kunden wie ISS Facility Services, Merck Serono, Kaufhof, Porsche, Volkswagen oder den Marburger Bund. Die Kompetenz von Till Erdmenger liegt in der Unternehmensfotografie, zu der neben professionellen Businessportraits vor allem Imagefotos für die Unternehmenskommunikation und die Dokumentation von Firmenveranstaltungen zählen. Till Erdmenger bietet seine Businessfotos neben kleinen und mittelständischen Unternehmen gezielt auch Kliniken, Ärzten und Zahnärzten an.

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