Apple unravels Leopard´s secrets

apple leopard

At todays WWDC´s keynote, Apple-boss Steve Jobs unvealed the secret features of the upcoming Mac OSX 10.5 aka „Leopard“. Not all of this was surprising to us nerds who wildly clicked the rumor-sites the last days:

  • New desktop features „stacks“, transparent menu and dock. The whole GUI is said to be resolution-independent
  • New Finder features „Cover-Flow“-view, new sidebar, easier access to network-computers, „Back to my Mac“: remote access via .Mac
  • Core animation makes it easier for developers to build animated GUIs
  • Fully implemented 64-bit capability
  • „Quicklook“ shows all common types of files in the Finder without starting the appropriate program (i.e. pictures, movies, PDFs, Excel-sheets)
  • New version of Boot Camp with better support & easier installation (driver-CD needless) — but it´s not going to substitute VMWare or Parallels
  • Improved Spaces and Dashboard with extended WebClip features
  • iChat Theater: You can now present files via iChat
  • Time Machine capable of backing up to a remote drive over Airport

The „Leopard“ version of OSX will ship by October at 129,-$. This year´s one more thing is in fact a surprise pointed at Microsoft: As of today, there will be a Windows-version of Safari. The public beta is downloadable from Apple and is said to be twice as fast as MS Internet Explorer though running on a Windows-PC. The keynote ended with the promise of the iPhone being extendable with new third-party applications. These will benefit from AJAX, a browser-based coding-language already used by the famous Google Online-Apps. Thanks to, and for their newstickers.

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Über Till Erdmenger – Businessfotos

Till Erdmenger ist seit 1996 als Profifotograf tätig. Sein Schwerpunkt liegt im Bereich Businessfotos – unter anderem für Kunden wie ISS Facility Services, Merck Serono, Kaufhof, Porsche, Volkswagen oder den Marburger Bund. Die Kompetenz von Till Erdmenger liegt in der Unternehmensfotografie, zu der neben professionellen Businessportraits vor allem Imagefotos für die Unternehmenskommunikation und die Dokumentation von Firmenveranstaltungen zählen. Till Erdmenger bietet seine Businessfotos neben kleinen und mittelständischen Unternehmen gezielt auch Kliniken, Ärzten und Zahnärzten an.

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