Nikon D3 full-frame DSLR announced

nikon d3

OK, it was foreseeable in some way that Nikon will release a new camera generation as an answer to the new Canon 1Ds III. They must have been busy the last months. Though I am not a great fanboy of Nikon, the Nikon D3, unveiled today, is a great piece of digital SLR camera-work! It features a full-frame CMOS-sensor with 12.1 Megapixels resolution, a new 51-point AF-module, it shoots 9 pictures per second @ full resolution (and with AF, of course) and sports a 3″ LCD on the back! Said to be shipping in November for about 5.000 US$.
Well, I don´t want to be too sarcastic, but didn´t Nikon once said, we won´t need full-frame DSLRs and we should better buy their newly developed DX-lenses instead? Didn´t they once said, only CCD-sensors are able to produce high-quality photos with low noise? Do they think 12MP is enough to compete with the 21MP-monster from Canon? Your choice…
I´ve worked with the Nikon D2x for years and have to admit that this is a real gem (it´s like night & day compared to the Nikon D1 I used before). And so will be the new D3, I´m sure! Further infos here:

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Über Till Erdmenger – Businessfotos

Till Erdmenger ist seit 1996 als Profifotograf tätig. Sein Schwerpunkt liegt im Bereich Businessfotos – unter anderem für Kunden wie ISS Facility Services, Merck Serono, Kaufhof, Porsche, Volkswagen oder den Marburger Bund. Die Kompetenz von Till Erdmenger liegt in der Unternehmensfotografie, zu der neben professionellen Businessportraits vor allem Imagefotos für die Unternehmenskommunikation und die Dokumentation von Firmenveranstaltungen zählen. Till Erdmenger bietet seine Businessfotos neben kleinen und mittelständischen Unternehmen gezielt auch Kliniken, Ärzten und Zahnärzten an.

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