The next challenge: Geotagging your photos

It´s a bit disappointing to see that camera vendors don´t put more effort in a simple yet useful technique like geotagging. If you´re a serious photographer you will most likely try to keep the metadata of your photos up to date thus adding keywords, a description or where the picture was taken. I know that Canon offers a Wireless Transmitter for their DSLRs which is able to connect to a third-party GPS-receiver via USB. I know Sony offers a dedicated receiver. Also the latest Nikons come with an adaptor. But why do I not see an all-in-one solution? Strange…
So this seems to still be part of the post-production process. I´ve gathered several links to Mac OSX compatible software for geotagging images. My aim was to find applications aware of tagging photos without having any GPS-data handy. There are special programs to sync GPS-track-data to a pile of photos, but that´s not what I want. I´d like to find a clean, neat interface with a map like Google Maps, a way of drag-and-drop adding coordinates to my files (wether they are .jpgs, .tifs or .cr2s) and auto-filling of the IPTC-fields for town, state and country. Here´s a list of software I´m going to examine when I find the time:

Oh, by the way, I also found a german podcast on this topic. If you have any experience with geotagging, please feel free to leave a comment!

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4 Gedanken zu „The next challenge: Geotagging your photos

  1. Bo

    Do you know locr? locr offers the ideal solution and makes geotagging exceptionally easy. locr uses GoogleMaps with detailed maps and high-resolution satellite images. To geotag your photos just enter address, let locr search, fine-tune the marker, accept position, and done! If you don’t know the exact address simply use drag&drop to set the position.
    Have a look at

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