Sex sells, or: The eternal fight between prude and the stereotyped sales promoter

© PETA/Dave Meyers

Sex sells: That has been true since the beginning of times, it´s somehow an „essence of evolution“. It´s always been a thorn in the prude´s side as it´s been the reliable scheme of advertisement. But from time to time the question arises: Does it just end in itself? Or: Is nudity bad by itself? PETA is a good example of repeated use of nudity just to provoke attention. Their latest spot features Hollywood-actress Alicia Silverstone presenting the bare advantages of being vegetarian. The result is the spot being banned from TV in Texas as you can read here (oder hier beim Spiegel). Is this probably the effect they wanted to achieve? A little scandal to gain the paper´s attention? Who knows…

Don´t get me wrong: This is nice photographic work! On the other hand, the spot is quite harmless and there really is no need to get excited about it. You´ll find more nudity in a concrete talkshow or the newsflash. Another quite controversial example of nude commercials is the new Dove campaign for their „Pro-Age“-products. Charming, somehow… but what would the prude texanian say?

And if you don´t take it too serious, you might enjoy this movie representing the common reason why sex sells…

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